Drawdown Calculator

This calculator is designed to help those who are going to use flexible drawdown as a means to generate income in retirement rather than buying an annuity.

It looks at the sustainability of income at different investment rates, the impact of taking a one off withdrawal from your fund and shows what the likely residual value of your fund will be depending on how long you live.

What does the calculator show?

Enter in your current pension fund as the starting value, how much pension income you want and select when you want the income to start. Click "Calculate" and a graph below (blue line) will appear plotting the balance left in your drawdown account over time.

Please click here to find out how to use this calculator, what it tells you and the assumptions it makes

Starting pension fund value



How old are you now?


Gross income

At start



Stage 2



Stage 3





In an invested drawdown account your capital and the income it produces is at risk and can fall as well as rise, you may not get back all of your initial investment.

Excessive withdrawals will accelerate the decline of your drawdown account value, ultimately running it down to zero, after which further withdrawals will be impossible.

Any information contained within this page should not be deemed to constitute investment advice and should not be relied upon as the basis for a decision to enter into a transaction, or as the basis for any financial or investment decision. Investors should always seek professional advice in regard to the suitability of any investment transaction.

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