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Tideway is an independently owned firm of specialist pension advisers and wealth managers which has handled over £1bn worth of final salary pension transfers since April 2015.

Our CETV Calculator will provide you with an estimate of the range of transfer values you might receive based on your DB pension value. The calculation is purely an illustration and does not imply an individual’s transfer suitability. Please click here to find out how this calculator works and the assumptions it makes.

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Tideway Q&A

Q. How many specialist transfer advisers do you have and what experience does the firm have in doing transfers?
A. Tideway has five advisers with specialist pension qualifications who have handled over 1,600 transfers since April 2015. (If advice is going to be cross checked it's vital to have at least two advisers with considerable experience).

Q. Advice firms make a lot more fees over time if you transfer than if you don’t. How do you manage this conflict of interest?
A. All Tideway’s transfer advisers are paid basic salaries and bonuses based on advice standards as well as the firm’s overall success. They do not receive any remuneration in relation to whether individual clients transfer or not. (Many advisers providing transfer advice will see their personal remuneration directly increase if you transfer.)

Q. Will I make enough returns on my transfer fund?
A. Guaranteed returns today, from cash deposits or gilts, are less than inflation after costs, so most clients will need to put their capital at risk after the pension transfer and returns will not be guaranteed. Tideway will only recommend transfers where the investment return targets post transfer are conservative, and we are fully focused on the lowest risk ways to achieve these returns.
For more information on how we invest, see our Tideway Wealth Management website.

Q. What fees will I pay?
Initial fees: Tideway operates a capped transfer advice fee of 1% of the transfer value with discounts for larger transfers. This advice fee is only payable if the transfer goes ahead with Tideway.
Ongoing fees: ongoing fees will depend on exactly how you invest post transfer. Clients using Tideway’s Wealth Management service will pay total fees of around 1.7% per year which will include SIPP fees, custody fees, total fund costs of the underlying investment funds and Tideway’s ongoing advice fee.
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