Who's transferring?

We have handled transfers since 2014, and can give you a good idea of the sort of person that is transferring their defined benefit pension.

Facts & figures

  • In 2016 Tideway handled 1,200 enquires direct from members with over £0.5bn worth of transfers
  • From the start of 2015 to the end of February 2017 we have completed 750 transfers worth £350m
  • Our average transfer value in this period was £470,000
  • 90% of our cases were for members of schemes aged between 50 and 65
  • 60% of those transferring took no immediate benefits
  • 40% have used flexible drawdown to access their funds...
  • ...and 90% of those using flexible drawdown have taken their tax free cash only and have deferred taking any income
  • None of those who transferred bought an annuity...
  • ...and no one as yet (to our knowledge) has fully cashed in their pension post transfer.

Tideway has seen quotes from an increasing number of schemes and so we may have seen one from your employer already, in which case we can give you a pretty accurate guide to what the transfer value might be. We have also identified a number of High Volume Schemes, where we can offer extra services to members.

Pension schemes

Before considering a transfer of your defined benefit pension, you should make sure that you know the benefits and possible downsides. We have provided a number of useful links to help you do your research.

Useful links

We can provide testimonials from clients whose defined benefit pension transfers we have handled. Follow the link below to read a selection.


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