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Tideway have developed these online calculators which help you make decisions about your pension fund.

You should bear in mind that these calculators provide estimates only. You should read the detailed guidance provided, and seek professional financial advice before making any decisions.

Defined Benefits Pension Transfer Value Calculator

This calculator provides an estimate of the transfer value you might be offered based on your deferred pension, the income you could receive and the residual pension fund values that would likely be available to pass onto beneficiaries.

Transfer values are only available to "deferred members" of schemes. This means you've left the company, or are about to leave, but have yet to start your pension. Once a final salary pension is in payment it cannot be transferred.

Use our Defined Benefits Pension Transfer Value calculator

Tax on Pension Withdrawal Calculator

This calculator is designed to help those over the age of 55 who are considering making a one off withdrawal from their pension fund using the new pension freedoms.

The calculator starts by showing you the tax you will pay on a one off taxable pension withdrawal given the other taxable income you already have for the current tax year.

It goes on to show how this might reduce if you spread the withdrawal over up to three tax years.

Use our Tax on Pension Withdrawal calculator

Drawdown Calculator

This calculator is designed to help those who are going to use flexible drawdown as a means to generate income in retirement rather than buying an annuity.

It looks at the sustainability of income at different investment rates, the impact of taking a one off withdrawal from your fund and shows what the likely residual value of your fund will be depending on how long you live.

Use our Drawdown Calculator

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