Free Defined Benefit pension transfer seminars

Do you want to know more about the pros and cons of transferring out of your defined benefit company pension?

James Baxter at last year's London Seminar

James Baxter at last year's London Seminar

Free 1-to-1 Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Consultations

Because of restrictions imposed during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is not currently possible to host Defined Benefit pension transfer seminars in our London office.

Instead, if you are looking for guidance on the complexities of how to execute a Defined Benefit Pensions Transfer (also referred to as Final Salary Transfer), we can offer you a free 1-to-1 telephone consultation with Tideway's Managing Partner, James Baxter.

Of course, the calls will be limited to guidance only, and not personalised advice, at this stage.

If you would like a free 1-to-1 consultation with James Baxter, please contact us on 020 3143 6100 or to arrange a call.

Pensions Transfer specialist Tideway will be hosting a series of seminars examining the complexities of defined benefit pension transfers.

As more and more people look to specialist advice for guidance on executing a Defined Benefit Pensions Transfer (also referred to as Final Salary Transfer), the seminars - to be hosted by Tideway's Managing Partner James Baxter - will underpin the importance of correct, expert advice.

“For most people this will be the biggest financial decision of their working lifetime, and they will want to get it right,” said Baxter.

James Baxter is widely acknowledged as a leading UK commentator on Defined Benefit pension transfers, and is often quoted in leading national business/personal finance pages. James regularly appears in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, along with the Times, Sunday Times and the FT.

Pension Transfer Gold Standard

James - Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk yesterday - in particular, your patience in answering my endless questions! It was extremely useful, and I came away with a very good impression of the way Tideway works. I’ll be contacting Sam and Sue shortly…

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