Low costs, no lock-ins and no hidden fees

Tideway’s initial defined benefit pension transfer advice fees are based on the pension transfer value and are:

  • 1% up to £1,000,000
  • 0.5% above £1,000,000 capped at £20,000

Our fees are totally transparent and deducted from your pension account on completion of the transfer and post the payment of any tax-free cash sum if this is to be paid at outset. VAT is not applied.

We select a low cost, secure, third party pension provider to receive your pension transfer funds and administer your drawdown account post transfer.

Typical ongoing fees based on a £500,000 drawdown account invested in Tideway’s Horizon Stable Return 2 Portfolio are:

Ongoing fee Annual amount of invested portfolio What it's for
Tideway's Wealth Management 0.75% Ongoing advice, portfolio management, cash management to fund income payments, online valuations and quarterly performance reviews
SIPP and Custody 0.16% SIPP provider fees and the administration and safe custody of your pension investment. Note that Tideway customers pay no dealing fees for moving from one fund to another.
Average Fund Costs 0.78% Fund manager and fund administration costs of the collective funds you will invest in. The average shown is across all Tideway’s Horizon portfolios.
Total fees 1.69% Note most of the fees are VAT exempt; the exact fee will depend on the mix of funds you invest in

The continuing use of Tideway for advice and investment management and your pension platform is at your discretion and you will be able to change advisers or platforms after your pension transfer without further legally obligated advice and without significant cost from either Tideway or your pension provider.

How Do These Fees Compare?

Not all companies are as transparent about their fees.

One of the UK’s largest wealth management company in particular markets defined benefit pension transfer advice without any initial charge to your fund if you transfer with them. However, their pension platform charge at 1% p.a. is five times the UK norm for a secure pension platform and this margin allows them to fund 4.5% up front payments to individual advisers, protected by a 6% exit fee if you try to move your funds within one year of the pension transfer. Such exit fees apply for six years on a sliding scale to ensure the company is never out of pocket. Total ongoing fees for this company will typically be over 2% p.a.

Not all companies are as cheap as they appear.

Another of the UK’s largest wealth managers appears on the face of it to be a low cost execute yourself platform, however invest via one of their managed fund of fund portfolios which now hold billions of pounds and total fees for the platform at 0.35% for a £500,000 account and funds an 1.46% OCF for their multi manager balanced portfolio. 1.81% in total and without any advice. Advice from this company is paid for separately on top of the fees above.

In making any comparisons with other companies we strongly advise you to ensure that you get all the fees and costs disclosed and that you are comparing apples with apples in terms of the services provided.

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