Investing your fund after the transfer

Tideway Horizon Portfolios

Tideway’s Horizon portfolios have been specifically designed for those making defined benefit pension transfers, using flexible drawdown and investing personally and via ISAs to create tax efficient income in retirement.

For more information about the portfolios and the thinking behind them please download and read the following guides:

Tideway's Guide to Horizon Portfolios

Tideway Horizon Portfolios are specifically designed for those investing irreplaceable funds in pension accounts, ISAs and general Investment Accounts.

Whatever your time horizon or risk appetite, Tideway has developed a comprehensive set of Horizon Portfolios to cater for your investment requirements.

Download the Guide

Tideway's Guide to Generating Tax Efficient Income in Retirement

This guide looks at how to generate secure, sustainable, tax efficient income in retirement from a collection
of investments and investment accounts.

As fewer and fewer of us buy annuities, or rely on defined benefit pensions to deliver this income, more and more of us are tasked with this key challenge.

Download the Guide

A key element of the decision to transfer from a defined benefit pension is how your pension fund will be invested after the transfer. In particular:

  • The investments made will need to generate sufficient returns after fees and inflation to make the pension transfer a worthwhile choice compared to the guaranteed income you will leave behind and they need to do this with as much certainty as possible.
  • They will also need to be matched to your personal objectives in terms of your planned income withdrawals along with your ability to tolerate short term fluctuations in your portfolio value, your attitude to investment risk.

You will be assigned a Tideway Wealth Manager during the pension transfer advice process who will be able to discuss the particular portfolio strategy that will best suit your needs and objectives.

In creating a new pension account it’s vitally important to take stock of any other savings and pension funds you hold and your Tideway Wealth Manager will be able to assist in this you with this as well should you need help.

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