Tideway to host a further round of Defined Benefit Pension Transfer seminars

Thursday 3 August 2017

Defined Benefit Pensions Transfer specialist Tideway will be hosting a further round of seminars examining the complexities of defined benefit pension transfers in a number of major cities throughout the UK this October 2017.

Following the success of its nationwide seminar tour earlier this summer, and as more and more people look to specialist advice for guidance on executing a defined benefit pension transfer, the seminars – to be hosted by Tideway managing partner James Baxter - will underpin the importance of correct, expert advice.

“For most people this will be the biggest financial decision of their working lifetime, and they will want to get it right,” said Baxter.

“Unfortunately, as is the way of the world, there are a lot of opportunist firms springing up to offer transfer services – but there is no one size fits all and informed, specialist advice from a reputable company specialising in this area is critical in our view,” he added.

“Tideway is currently processing around 100 transfers per month, and demand shows no sign of slowing down.

“We also welcome financial professionals wanting to know more about this highly complex area in order to be able to advise their clients, and of course the general public who may be thinking of leaving their own company scheme,” he said.

James Baxter is a widely acknowledged as a leading UK commentator on defined benefit pension transfers, and is often quoted in leading national business/personal finance pages. James regularly appears in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, along with the Times, Sunday Times and the FT.

Seminars will take place in the following cities from 10-17 October 2017. Venue details TBA. All seminars will start at 6.30pm:

Glasgow – 10th October
Manchester – 11th October
London – 13th October
Bristol – 17th October

Further details will be available soon.

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