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What rising interest rates mean for your pension

The Times, Saturday 7 April 2018

Interest rates are expected to rise from their near-record lows this year. This is good news for savers who have endured more than a decade of low rates. However, if you are contributing to a pension, the news may not be so good, particularly if your fund holds a large amount of gilts...

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Transferring your pension? Proceed with care

The Times, Saturday 17 February 2018

Thousands of people are losing their life savings to rogue advisers. We explain where to find the right guidance Hundreds of thousands of people transferred £15 billion in savings from defined-benefit (DB) pension schemes to more flexible, but less secure, pension...

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Tideway offers to help steelworkers with £400,000 transfer offer

Professional Adviser, Tuesday 12 December 2017

Specialist pension adviser and investment manager Tideway has said it has the capacity to take on additional British steelworker pension transfer cases over the next six weeks - if the member has a transfer value of at least £400,000. By 22 December - 10 days from now - some...

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