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Two simple tricks to help investors avoid running out of money in retirement

The Telegraph, Monday 13 November 2017

If you have saved all your life to build up a £1m pension pot, you probably won’t be pleased to hear that it will generate an income of just £19,000 a year. Yet this may be the most you can consistently withdraw if you want to ensure that you don’t run out of...

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The Care Conundrum - Why You Can't Afford To Ignore The Cost Of A Comfortable Retirement

Investor's Chronicle, Monday 9 October 2017

Long-term care fees are the Mount Everest of all bills. Everything else pales in comparison. Yes, school and university fees are high, but you might only pay them for three years or they can be avoided entirely. Saving for a pension isn’t cheap, but it is eased by generous tax reliefs...

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It's risky – but this pension trick could double your tax-free lump sum

The Telegraph, Thursday 5 October 2017

For many the tax-free "lump sum" is the major selling point of a pension. In most cases, savers can withdraw 25pc of their pension without paying any tax. This lump sum is often used at the outset of retirement to pay off a mortgage or help children onto the property...

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